Hospitality: what it means to those in the industry

the most important thing in the world of food and drink is hospitality. So many times a crappy cocktail or mediocre mille-feuille can be saved by a genuine smile and some natural banter.

With that in mind, we ask some big wigs of the hospitality world what it means to them....

David Wolanski, Chic 'n' Sours


Hospitality is and always will be at the epicentre of everything we do, naturally.
It's what drives me professionally & personally and is the reason I do what I do. If you lose that love of giving sincere hospitality, you have to get out the game!  Looking back, it was engrained in me from an early age as the door to our family home was always open for those who needed somewhere to stay whilst in London, a cup of tea and a chat or the really lucky ones were treated to one of my mum's spectacular Friday night dinners!

The Colonel at Chick 'n' Sours    

The Colonel at Chick 'n' Sours



Tom Slegg, Picture Restaurant

The knowledge and technical skills of a front-of-house team are imperative to a smooth-running establishment, and they must always be a focus. But these have to be combined with a genuine warmth because ultimately it is the feeling a guest leaves with that will stay in the memory.

Calum Franklin, Holborn Dining Room

I always think of the theme tune to 'Cheers' when people ask me about this, the moment a guest walks through the front door they should feel missed, that’s an emotion that starts a dining experience off well, especially when it’s a busy dining room. I want guests to experience moments that make them feel special and wanted, like each one of them are the biggest VIP on the list that night.

Calum's grouse pithivier 

Calum's grouse pithivier 

Jon Spiteri, Restaurant Consultant

Hospitality for me means knowing intrinsically what one customer needs on every occasion and fulfilling that need to the best of our ability, be it a family, business or romantic occasion and being able to adapt to every situation.

Oisin Rogers, The Guinea Grill

Well, we are in the business of giving our customers great times. That is what hospitality is to me. We try to make sure our guests feel happy, safe, comfortable and well looked after while they are here and when they leave. Good hospitality should ensure this happens. 

Game pies at the Guinea Grill

Game pies at the

Guinea Grill

Maureen Mills, Network London PR

Hospitality is about less rather than more service, but done with joie de vivre, attention to detail, and a smile. 

Tom Oldroyd, Oldroyd

A hospitality anecdote ... I was once on a lads holiday in Alicante and I met a girl. We were chatting by the pool when she asked what I did. I said I worked in hospitality and she said are you a doctor? I awkwardly laughed and changed subject but It wasn't until later that the comment registered. She thought with all seriousness that I was in hospital...ity.

A Martini at Oldroyd 

A Martini at Oldroyd 

5 reasons you NEED to work in hospitality

  1. Moolar. Dosh. Dollar. Call it what you want, there's plenty of money to be made in the hospitality sector. With the introduction of the National Living Wage even the most basic jobs in restaurants and bars are paying well.
  2. It's a growing industry. In London, there's practically a new restaurant opening every day and we're not talking about the rubbish ones either. Caravan, Smokestack, Chick 'N' Sours, Temper; all recently opened and all bloody brilliant.
  3. The food, oh the food. We're not suggesting you eat the left overs, we're talking about the staff meals. A team that eats together, stays together and these great chefs are preparing staff food good enough to serve in the restaurant. Result.
  4. You won't find a nicer bunch to work with. Working with people who are passionate about food and drink means you'll have plenty in common. It's all about team spirit.
  5. Job satisfaction. Service with a smile can really make someone's day and you have that power. That's a great feeling.